Books Worth Reading

Hello, In today’s post I will be sharing some books that my Lost Art Society letter mates and I are going to be reading and analyzing over the next few weeks. So the first book up is, “The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization: How to taste and See the Abundance of Life” by Mitchell Kalpakgian. … More Books Worth Reading

Letters of Passion

Hello, Today we are going to be exploring the beautiful love letters of Elizabeth Barett Browning and Robert Browning. Elizabeth Barett  Browning was a precocious child, reading novels at aged six, studying Greek at aged ten, and even writing her own Homeric epic, The Battle of Marathon, a Poem.”  Her father encouraged her poetry, and … More Letters of Passion

How to Write a Letter

There are many who believe that writing letters are only those related to work or business, such as business letters or cover letters.  In fact, when i googled, “How to write a letter” most of the search results were based on business letters.  Then I tried googling, “How to write acquaintance letters,” which yielded one … More How to Write a Letter