Art of Etiquette

When we think of Etiquette we often think of the by gone era of fancy dress and social customs such as dancing and elaborate dinner parties. However, etiquette is still a part of our lives today as it was then. The ability to know how to conduct oneself in public is one of the most … More Art of Etiquette

Ways to implement Letter Writing in Modern Society

Although many people are staring to realize the significance that a personal letter brings, they are unsure of where to begin writing letters again.  Here I will get five tips so that you can recover the lost art of letter writing. 1. In addition to emailing or texting a friend on their birthday, why don’t you … More Ways to implement Letter Writing in Modern Society

The Lost Arts

Why is the art of letter writing going out of style?  Unlike email, instant texting, or phone calls, letters provide a tangible and physical touch when read and also when written. Because of  fast communication devices, many people do not want to wait when a letter arrives in the mail. Despite this, in a survey, … More The Lost Arts