The Art of Letter Writing

You may be wondering how letter writing can be an art or craft.  One thing to keep in mind when considering letter writing, is that every letter is unique to the person receiving the letter. Just like you speak to friends in different styles, you can write to friends in different ways.  This is how letter writing becomes an art.  No two letters are the same, and they are meant to be that way. Everyone has different talents and the letter is a pers4839598829_8a6fb10dfb_bonal space to allow creativity when corresponding which enhances a deep sense of appreciation.  Another way that letter writing is an art is that we can look at a letter years after we have received it. Thus, letter writing is an art in that we can be unique in expressing ourselves with different people. The writing of expression becomes an art, and then the looking back at the letter serves as an art, a remembrance and  a keepsake that we will treasure forever. It is the hope and aim of this website for you to discover the art and the job of letter writing, and incorporate it into your life.

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