How to Write a Letter

There are many who believe that writing letters are only those related to work or business, such as business letters or cover letters.  In fact, when i googled, “How to write a letter” most of the search results were based on business letters.  Then I tried googling, “How to write acquaintance letters,” which yielded one result.

So today, I will give you 6 tips on how to start writing personal letters again.

Ready, let’s begin.

  1. Date the letter. This can help the person you are sending the letter to remember when you wrote the letter.
  2. Write a salutation, such as Dear, Dearest, My______, etc. Use whatever salutation you feel comfortable with to the friend you are writing to.
  3. Begin the letter with some pleasantries, such as telling them how you are thinking about them, how long it has been since you have seen them. You can tell them that you are doing well and the you hope that they are doing the same.
  4. Share some personal and family news. In this section you can tell you friend that you recently got hired, or are working on a perscc81d08e8e33531b1a40188c1881079fonal project, and that your family is going on a special vacation. Write whatever is relevant in your life at the present or what you are anticipating in the near future.
  5. Make sure your topics are relevant to your friend. For example, if your friend isn’t  into sports, don’t write to them about your favorite sports team winning state championships.  Write to them instead what you both enjoy, such as a favorite authors, music, movies, and any other interests you both have in common.
  6. Lastly, wrapping up your letter.  Tell them that you miss them, or if you are meeting up soon, that you are eager to meet them again. End with whatever closing you are comfortable with.

And that sums up the tips for letter writing. I hope these are going to be helpful to you and will inspire you to take up letter writing.

Happy letter Writing,


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