How to Improve your Letter Writing Skills

So you now want to write letters. You have read on my tips of how and when to send letters.The only thing that is holding you back is that you don’t have great writing skills.

Well, I am here to help you out.

Here are five tips to get those writing wheels rolling.

  1. Write daily. Set aside time to write. This can either be first thing in the morning, or right before bed. I like to write in my diary right before bed, or actually before I have any writing to do. Just looking at the pages and thinking, inspires me to write on my other assignment. As with everything, one can only improve if one practices daily
  2. Write in a personal journal. This will help with your penmanship as well.
  3. Take a free writing course. There is a wealth of info on the internet; use to your advantage!
  4. Ask others to help. Don’t be shy, we all are graced with different talents and gifts. So if writing is not one of yours, ask someone who loves to write for some tips and ideas.
  5. Read lots. Engage your mind with great literature. Seeing someones ideas already on paper can be inspiring. My number one tip is to read letters from famous people, and see how they formatted their thoughts on the page.

Alright, those are my tips for helping you to be the best letter or any tip of writer that you want to be.

Happy writing, and I shall see you next time,


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