Another Lost Art: Meal Times Together

food-1050813_1280Back in time, there was such a thing as spending breakfast, and dinner time together as a family,having a pleasant conversation, and genuinely enjoying fellowship with one another.

Unfortunately, this practice has become out of fashion, with people having busy schedules. I know in my family, sometimes it is just easier to make dinner and then turn on the TV, instead of engaging in conversation with one another.I believe that  this is really sad, as many parents are working, and the only time they and their children have  to engage in conversation is lost in electronic entertainment.

However, there are many ways to help get this lost art of socializing with family members.  So here are some tips to get your family back at the table and enjoying each other’s company. I know that I learn so much more about what my family wants and needs when I listen and converse with them at the dinner table.

  1. Plan the time for meals. If everyone knows that dinner will be at a set time, or work out a time when everyone is off work, then there should be no reason to have a sporadic dinner, with everyone fending or eating at different times.  Also, plan a set time for breakfast. It is so much easier to start work with greeting siblings and family members at the breakfast table.
  2. Set up weekly meal plans and make sure you all the ingredients you need are at your disposal. Nothing ruins a planned dinner more than having to delay dinner for a grocery run.
  3. Make the effort. If everyone in the family makes the effort, then getting back into the habit of gathering for dinner should not be a problem. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understand the values of having this time together.  Of course there will be times when everyone cannot simply gather for dinner, we all have those times. But if everyone makes it a regular habit to be at meal times, then they can see what is lost when they don’t gather together.

Family time is the best time. That is definitely true in my family. We don’t know what time we have with each other. Don’t regret not spending enough time with your family when tragedy happens. Always know that are days are limited and be grateful for each day you and your loved ones are alive!

Have a blessed day,




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